donderdag 29 januari 2009

International Tangomusic Competition

Doble Ocho `started in 2008 with the first 'Concurso del Doble Ocho'. This new tangomusic competition is an initiative of Tango El Corte and Kunstburo. The competition is for amature and semi-professional tangomusic groups and musicians worldwide. Concurso del Doble Ocho want's to stimulate the creation of new innovative arrangements of existing compositions and realise a platform for musicians, recordlabels, programmers and tangolovers. Tangocenter "El Corte " has donated a moneyprice for the winners of the Concurso.

Subscription is open for the 2009 competition !!

Claudio Constantini Sextet wins first Int. Tangomusic Competition Nijmegen

download the winning song here

go to the tangomusic competition website

Doble Ocho

This doble ocho blog is here, to share ideas, to overview the festival and ultimately to make it better, warmer, more essential to what tango is

It is not a big festival with all the stars lined up, it is not a place to be seen and show your most coolest tango face

it can be a place where you let yourself te be seen, and where you;re face is open and full of magic, sharing these energies in a milonga

quality is by all means the key word
of the place, the floor, the ambiance, the teachers, the music.....

come and share
give and learn
dance and enjoy
forget and become one

it's all in your hands
the most precious gift
the music and the dance
that body against your heart
that heart against your body
and than...
Nijmegen is well known to many tangodancers world wide because of Dance Centre El Corte. But also many tangodancers have no clue where to locate Nijmegen !

so, Where is NIJMEGEN ?
Nijmegen is situated in the east of Holland near the German border. It is only 90 kilometers away from Dusseldorf, and a one
hour drive from Amsterdam. Nijmegen used to be the Roman city of 'Noviomagum ' and home to Emperor Charlemagne, whose castle was here in the imperial town by the river Waal. In 2006 Nijmegen celebrated it´s 2000 birthday and it´s the oldest town in the Netherlands. The city hosts the biggest walking event of the world, called ´De Vierdaagse´, or four days walk with more than 40.000 participants. The city is blessed by it´s unique natural environment-the river Waal surrounded by flat ´polder ´lands, combined with low hills of pushed up earth in former ice ages where the Romans used to build their villages and military posts.

How to get there ?
Because of the nearby airports of Dusseldorf Weeze, Koln/Bonn and Dusseldorf, Nijmegen can be reached easily. The airport Dusseldof Weeze is only 45 minutes/ 56 km. away from Nijmegen centre and a shuttle buss will bring you there. You have to reserve this bus and the cost is 15 euro for a one way to Nijmegen. The bus will drop you of in front of the Mercure hotel.
info airport
Info Shuttlebus -

here is a selection of cities from where you can fly to Weeze with Ryan Air ( only )

Rome - Bologna - Berlin - Barcelona - London - Manchester - Birmingham - Edinburgh - Stockholm - Oslo

The second easy option is to Fly to Amsterdam Schiphol airport and take the train from there directly to Nijmegen ( 2 times per hour).Other options are to fly to Koln/ Bonn airport or Airport Dusseldorf. You can choose from different low budget airlines like
- Germanwings
- Air berlin
When you arrive in the afternoon, there is a fast and easy train connection from Koln and Dusseldorf airport to Arnhem/Nijmegen. The fare for this fast ICE train is 40- 50 euro.

Mercure Accor HOtel Nijmegen offers the guests of the Festival a big reducation on the regular room fee. 95 euro instead of the 170 regular weekend rate and 110 during weekly days. The hotel is situated on walking distance of EL Corte and de Vereeniging, the classical concert hall of Nijmegen where the friday and saturday salon take place. If you need a cheaper sleep option, try the boat of Leon in the small harbour of Nijmegen. The Doble Ocho website lists the best Hotels in Nijmegen as well as cheaper accomodations.

The 'Ocho y Cortes' festival paper will be published also this festival edition. The theme will be 'Visions of tango '. As the festival watches and follows the developments in tango dance and music, this will be reflected in the festival paper. Dj's, dancers, teachers and organisers will be asked to write about their vision of tango ! We invite you to write a short article about your vision of tango, it might be published ! Submit your text ( max 400 words,
English ) to tango(add) The writer of the published article will receive 2 tickets for the GRAN NOCHE.